Miracle in Madagascar (Children’s book)

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As a means of fundraising for the Orthodox Mission and Orphanage in Madagascar, the Holy Monastery of Saint John is offering this new children’s hardcover book for our Orthodox faithful. It is a beautifully presented children’s book with a heart-warming story and meaning that people of all ages will enjoy and spiritually benefit from. It is based on the gospel parable of the rich man and Lazarus.

‘Miracle in Madagascar’ shows the spiritual journey of a wealthy man named Mendrika, who has lived a selfish and immodest lifestyle. Until one day, he has a life changing encounter with an angel sent from God to show him the truth in his ways. This unusual encounter awakens him to abandon his egocentric ways and lead a mọre humble life.

All proceeds from this book will be donated directly to the Orthodox Holy Archdiocese of Madagascar and towards the Orthodox Mission and Orphanage in Madagascar.

Foreword by His Grace Bishop Silouan of Sinope

‘Miracle in Madagascar’ is truly a miracle of comfort and encouragement for our times and our world. Written with much charism and deep faith by Sonya Demourtzidis and illumined and brought to life by the illustrations of Jasmine Croser, this magnificent story will find a place in the heart and life of each person.For Australia, this story is a first by way of its publication but also, and most importantly, in the way that charity is prized when it is inseparable from our worship and love for God. Through its main character, Mendrika, one sees that growth and fulfilment is not achieved through the acquisition of possessions but rather through the change that takes place when we repent and allow ourselves to be acquired by Christ our God.

There is a Mendrika in each and everyone of us. A miracle that is real, glorious, and forever excelling.

Sample Text (from page 24)

“When you give to the needy
sound no trumpet before you,
and your Father who sees,
in secret will reward you.”
The angel could see that
his actions were not true,
and in order to change,
some realisation was due.
Mendrika sitting still
clutched at the hem of his pants,
afraid but aware
of his real circumstance.
not in denial,
he sat quietly and listened.
This angel had been with him,
since the day he was christened.

Additional Information

Author Sonya Demourtzidis
Illustrated Jasmine Croser
Foreword His Grace Bishop Silouan of Sinope
Published by The Social Butterfly – www.thesocialbutterfly.net.au
Weight 390g
Dimensions 21.5cm x 29cm x 0.9cm
Pages 39
Format Hardcover
ISBN: 978-164871111-4

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