Orthodox Mission in Madagascar


Greek Orthodox Girls’ Orphanage in Antannanarivo

Christians in Madagascar come to church barefoot, hungry, and dirty sometimes – but their faces glow. They come very early in the darkness of the morning, and the services are conducted with piety and thoughtfulness. Everyone participates: young and old. They sing loudly, and they know the hymns and prayers of the church by heart. Their faith and love of Christ is boundless.

By the Grace of God, the work of the Orthodox Mission in Madagascar has expanded and is continuing to be expanding into most areas of Madagascar. Churches are continually being built in remote areas in order to cater for the newly created parishes. Numerous neophytes are coming to the Orthodox religion and are made members of the Church of Christ through the sacrament of Baptism.


Written by Sonya Demourtzidis
Illustrated by Jasmine Croser
Foreword by His Grace Bishop Silouan of Sinope

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As a means of fundraising for the Orthodox Mission and Orphanage in Madagascar, the Holy Monastery of Saint John is offering this new children’s hardcover book for our Orthodox faithful. It is a beautifully presented children’s book with a heart-warming story and meaning that people of all ages will enjoy and spiritually benefit from. It is based on the gospel parable of the rich man and Lazarus.

‘Miracle in Madagascar’ shows the spiritual journey of a wealthy man named Mendrika, who has lived a selfish and immodest lifestyle. Until one day, he has a life changing encounter with an angel sent from God to show him the truth in his ways. This unusual encounter awakens him to abandon his egocentric ways and lead a mọre humble life.

All proceeds from this book will be donated directly to the Orthodox Holy Archdiocese of Madagascar and towards the Orthodox Mission and Orphanage in Madagascar.

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Further Information on the Mission

In an area of 2.5 acres in the Andoharanofotsy district of Antananarivo (the capital), the Holy Metropolis of Madagascar has built a 260 bed Orphanage. In a society where difficulties and dangers for girls prevail, the orphanage is an oasis that offers them security, confidence, and optimism for the future.

With $2 AUD in Madagascar:

  • A worker’s wage can be paid for a day’s work.
  • A child can drink milk and eats biscuits every morning for a month.
  • Five patients can get their medication free of charge at the clinics run by their diocese.
  • A family can feed itself on rice or legumes for three days.
  • A teacher can be paid for a day’s teaching in the schools of the diocese, where children are educated free.

In times of hardship, many have helped financially. Financial support is essential because there are things that cannot be realised without it. The following are such things:

  • The purchase of land for churches, schools, orphanages etc.
  • The salaries of doctors, teachers, security guards, cooks, etc.
  • The maintenance of churches, schools, and buildings.
  • The payment of rents to the poor and the needy.
  • The construction of houses for the poor and the needy.
  • The construction and equipping of churches, spiritual centres, schools, and offices.
  • The purchase of medicines and the provision of hospitalization.
  • The purchase of milk and biscuits for breakfast for children in schools, and institutions.
  • The distribution of food.
  • The visits to remote villages for distributing essentials items.
  • The construction of water storage tanks.

Financial contributions may be made through
Bank name: National Australia Bank
Account name: Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia Committee for Foreign Mission
BSB: 085 599
Account Number: 679943696