Return to God through the Sacramental and Mystical Life

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In this homily, Return to God through the Sacramental and Mystical Life, the teachings of our ever-memorable Spiritual Father, Archimandrite Aimilianos, refresh and strengthen the hearts of the weary, both laymen and monastics alike. It was given by the Elder on 15 March 1987 at the holy church of the Crucified One (Aigaleo, Greece). Through Baptism, we have all been immersed in the life-giving waters of the Holy Trinity—we have all received the “adoption as sons” (Eph 1:5)—yet, for the most part, we still live as sons and daughters of the old Adam. Having realised this truth, may the present homily kindle within us the fire of the love of God, that we may return to the sure path that leads to Him, which is the sacramental and mystical life of the Orthodox Church.

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