Paradise 4 Kids

Charity Information

How Paradise 4 Kids Started

Paradise 4 Kids (P4K) was first established in Australia (formerly known as Paradise Kids 4 Africa) as a branch from a charity based on the Gold Coast, Paradise Kids. It was formed primarily to fund and support the works of Reverend Themi in Africa and also to assist other missionaries in their calling from God.

Where They Are Now

Now, with committees all around the world, P4K have set themselves apart by being an entirely voluntary organisation with no one receiving remuneration. Their volunteers are just a group of ordinary people coming together to make a positive difference to those who may never have the opportunity otherwise. Some call themselves Christians, others humanitarians, but all are looking to make every cent raised, reach the people it is intended to.

Loose Change Saves Lives

Not everyone can travel across the globe to help the poor, but did you know that just $20 feeds up to 4 children for a month? That’s less than a cup of coffee a week! We encourage those looking to support P4K to contribute a monthly donation, knowing it will go to where it is needed most.

Almost all (over 95%) of your donations reach those in need

Since P4K was first established, they have worked hard to make sure that all resources entrusted to them are used as efficiently and effectively as possible, and thanks to their generous volunteers, they can maintain that no less than 95% of all funds collected go to approved charitable works. Of that 95%, 10% remains within our respective countries to help children in need. The remaining 5% goes towards accounting fees, audit fees, and bank and transfer fees.

Accountability and transparency is of the utmost importance at P4K, which is why your donations are sent to and dispersed by their trusted mission beneficiaries who send monthly financial and photographic reports. P4K pays no salaries, operates no offices and owns no property. This means more of your donation goes directly to those in need.

Rev Themi’s Orthodox Mission

P4K has been overwhelmed by the work Rev Themi has accomplished since he began his mission in Sierra Leone. He continues to provide the poor with basic human needs through his uncompromising faith in Jesus Christ.

Please help support Rev Themi and his Orthodox mission by clicking here to make a donation.