The eye is the lamp of the body

11th July, 2021

This is a Sunday sermon given by His Grace Bishop Emilianos of Meloa discussing the gospel passage, “The eye is the lamp of the body. If your eyes are good, your whole body will be full of light".

Why can two people see the same thing and only one person be scandalised?

“Today the Holy Gospel told us that if our eye is sound (but the most accurate translation could be if our eye is simple), then the whole of our body will be bright. How can we explain this? It doesn't matter what we see, but what matters is how we see things. So, two people might have the same picture in front of them and one of them might be scandalized and the other one might not be scandalized. And the other one might think of God regardless of what is in front of him. So it doesn't matter what we see, but how we see things; and sometimes it's not our fault if we see things in a suspicious way because this is how we were brought up.

If one of our parents was always suspicious, if they were to see evil behind everyone, conspiracies and unethical things behind everyone's attitude and behaviour, then without us doing anything special we inherit this way of thinking. But this is only because it was in our environment, and it's not because it was in our genes. So, we inherit things from our environment. And this is why we have to be very careful what we teach and how we behave in front of our children.

But even if we were raised to be suspicious about everything, we can reverse this attitude. How? By focusing on God. If I focus on God regardless of what I see in front of me, it will be too small. What is this difficulty or what is this situation when compared to the eternity? It's nothing. It exists today, but tomorrow it will not exist. The only thing that will exist at the end of our lives is God.

So nothing is as important to take our attention away from God. And if I trained my intellect to think in this way, then I might see a lot of different things in front of me, but I will not be distracted. I will not be scandalized. I will not find evil in everything in front of me. I will only find goodness. Because regardless of what I see, what matters is how I interpret what I see and what message I get from what I see.”


11th July, 2021

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