Nepsis Series Talk 17

28th May, 2021

This is the seventeenth talk in a series of talks by His Grace Bishop Emilianos of Meloa providing an explanation of the work of Elder Aimilianos of Simonopetra on 'νήψη' (nepsis), and opens a forum for questions and answers.

The main subjects covered are: the role of the spiritual Father and when to seek his advice, how do we empty ourselves and what does this mean? And for the person who struggles (in a good way), they should have four things in mind: Humility, Vigilance, Objection and Prayer.

An extract

How do you empty yourself from desires and passions?

‘You don't try to empty anything. We’ve said this before, there was a child who went to a spiritual father and he told him you have to do this and this and this... like a full list. The poor thing could not remember anything. He left the sacrament and thought to himself, ‘seriously, what am I going to do first and I can't even remember.’ And then he went to another elder. And he told him only one thing, something along the lines, just focus on Christ. A few months down the track he thought back and he said to himself, ‘I didn't try to follow all those rules that I was told but by focusing on one thing everything else was done.’

So don't focus on the darkness. Switch on the light to remove the darkness which is the absence of light. Once there is light, there is no darkness and everything becomes bright.

So we shouldn't be feeling hesitant to tell our spiritual father what we want to ask, but at the same time our spiritual father has to have a way of helping us grow so we don't need to be babysat for the rest of our lives.’


28th May, 2021

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