How to say Thank you to Christ for everything He did for us

30th April, 2021

His Grace Bishop Emilianos of Meloa gave this sermon on Holy Friday evening, giving us a few words on why and how we should be thanking Christ for everything He has done for us.

'And what happened during the night of the crucifixion, all the apostles disappeared except Saint John the theologian, the Myrrh-bearing women and His mother. Everyone else disappeared. Where were all these people that He helped during His life? They all disappeared. If anything, we can't give back to Christ the love that he gave us, but at least if we can love our neighbour. If we can smile to everyone around us. If we can say a good word when our neighbour needs it, when our wife, when our husband or when our children need a good word, if we do so, the world will be a better place from tomorrow. If only we were all to practice this...'


30th April, 2021

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