Fellowship Talks

Title Date Language Media

Live Panel discussing and answering questions on the topic: “Relationships”.

10th December, 2021 English

How to find your path in life

9th November, 2021 English

Dealing with Change Live Panel

6th November, 2021 English

Staying True to our Orthodox Christian Faith and Identity

4th November, 2021 English

Ten Stories about Prayer

19th June, 2021 English

Ten Stories About Prayer

19th June, 2021 Greek

What is the role of Dating for the Orthodox Christian?

13th June, 2021 English

Q&A from the Orthodox Cafe at St Stylianos

13th June, 2021 English

Are you a door or a brick wall?

2nd June, 2021 English

Saint Andrews Theological College Student Q&A Session

9th April, 2021 English

Is our connection with God problematic?

30th March, 2021 English


11th March, 2021 English

Unifying Distance

9th March, 2021 English

Elder Aimilianos of Simonopetra

15th February, 2021 English

How to be the light of the world

1st February, 2021 English

Orthodox Renewal Symposium – Humility, The Mother of Virtues

22nd October, 2020 English


10th October, 2020 Greek

A few words on Panagia

12th August, 2020 English

A few words about the Theotokos

8th July, 2020 English

Saint Andrews Theological College – Theology and Prayer

5th March, 2020 English

Everyday Spiritual Life in the World

2nd September, 2019 English

Every day Spiritual Life in the world

28th June, 2019 English

Orthodox Psychotherapy

23rd March, 2019 English

How to increase the Power of our Faith

23rd September, 2018 English

Humility the hardest virtue

27th July, 2018 English

A negative thought that can help us inherit eternal life, the memory of death

3rd June, 2018 English

Presented by Father Themistocles Adamopoulo

14th October, 2017 English

Meaning and Importance of Humility

13th August, 2017 English

Self emptying through the writings of St John the Theologian

4th June, 2017 English

Youth Talk in Darwin

20th April, 2017 English

The Prodigal Son’s Brother

20th March, 2017 English