Noah’s Ark Jigsaw Puzzle


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Surely you have heard of Noah’s Ark. Now you have the opportunity to create the Ark yourself in this 130-piece jigsaw puzzle, by your own effort, love, and creativity. Good luck! Once you have finished the Ark, you will be very pleased because you will be holding in your hands a unique souvenir from the Monastery of Ormylia: the multi-coloured, 4x4m pebbled mosaic which adorns the courtyard of the Church of the Annunciation. Looking closely at its design, you will see some animals on the bottom row of the Ark’s windows which have already entered the Ark. A rare animal dominates the centre, the Unicorn, whose horn symbolizes the power of Jesus Christ. On the top row are depicted the faces of Noah, his wife and the children, Shem, Ham and Japheth. Notice the expression on their faces. With pleading and yearning looks, they seem to have surrendered to the will of God. Surrounding the Ark, many animals and birds are getting ready to board the Ark in pairs. Their king, the lion, is the first to board. In the overcast sky, birds, small and big, are flying led by their king, the eagle. They are flying all around the Ark waiting for their turn to enter. Near the bottom windows the crow and dove, each one with their mate, are temporarily resting. As you will see, they have a special mission. Everything depicts that a great storm is about to break! Buy the puzzle and learn more!