Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml


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In 2012, the Monastery purchased state-of-the-art olive oil procession equipment and established a processing plant for the olives of the Monastery. The olive oil produced was never intended nor could ever be commercially competitive with major leading brands, local or imported from Europe. Essentially the idea is to provide a virgin product made by the Monks from their own labour in return for a donation. Every bottle of olive oil purchased thus goes to supporting the Monastery.

The Eastern Orthodox Church has for centuries past used olive oil as part of its sacramental life. The word Oil in Greek “Έλαιον” systematically also means ‘Mercy’. We use olive oil in many distinct ways during our Orthodox Sacramental Worship; during Euchelaion (Healing Service), Baptism, Artoklasia (Blessing of the loaves), Funerals, and also during the offering of the Prosforo (holy bread). During this offering, the Faithful bring also bottles of olive oil, wine, incense and charcoals. This is because the person who brings the Prosforo in essence also brings along and offers all the essential items needed for the Divine Liturgy; the bread and wine for the Holy Eucharist, olive oil for the votive lamps, and incense and charcoals to be used during the Divine Liturgy, symbolising our Prayers raising to Heaven.