How to Support The Monastery

In the last two decades with the Grace of God, this Greek Orthodox male Monastery was established in the City of Perth in Western Australia. This Holy Monastery dedicates itself to reverent prayer and the Love of God. The Monks pray for the world and the salvation of their souls. Whilst the Holy Monastery follows the Byzantine rhythm of daily services for monastic communities, it also services the Orthodox Community in many important and variant ways. Weekly Sunday and other services in both Greek and English are offered, whilst Fellowship gatherings with morning tea occur every Sunday after the Divine Liturgy at the Hall of the Monastery.

What will your contribution fund?

The Holy Monastery of Saint John is in its early developmental stage and there are considerable amounts of construction work still to be completed. The buildings to be constructed are necessary to achieve a functional coenobitic Monastery. Coenobitic monasticism is a monastic tradition that stresses community life between all who reside there. Future Development projects for the Monastery include:

  • The Cemetery
  • A Bookshop for Orthodox spiritual texts and Orthodox items
  • The Communal Hall for fellowship gatherings
  • The Guest House
  • Driveways and other infrastructure

Without the support of our beloved brothers and sisters who reside in the world, such important and valuable aspects of our Holy Tradition (i.e. Monasticism) would not be able to continue for the salvation and support of the people of God. Although the monastic life is indeed a calling for certain members of our Orthodox Christian communities, we have a responsibility to support and care for our brothers and sisters who have chosen to dedicate their life to God in prayer for the world. We very much appreciate your support and we pray for you always. “The matter of almsgiving is not only for the rich and affluent but also those of average means and the poor are able to play their part. Those who are unequal in their capacity to give can be equal in the love within their hearts.” (Saint Leo the Great)

In Christ,
The Holy Monastery of Saint John

Bank Transfer Details

St John’s Monastery
National Australia Bank
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